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Varenr.: B708214

Styringstavle 20A PR2020

Solcelleregulator fra Tyske Steca. Anerkjent regulator 12V/24V til en svært god pris.


Vi har et parti med regulatorerer fra den anerkjente tyske leverandøren Steca som nå selges svært rimelig i vår Outlet:

Solar Charge Regulator Steca PR2020 - 12V/24V

The Steca PR 10-30 series of charge controllers is the highlight in the range. Use of the latest charging technologies combined with state of charge determination enable optimal battery maintenance and module power monitoring for up to 900 Wp of connected power. A large display informs the user about all operating modes with the aid of symbols. The state of charge is represented visually in the form of a tank display. Data such as voltage, current and state of charge can also be displayed digitally as figures on the display


Hybrid controller
State of charge determination with Steca AtonIC (SOC)
Automatic detection of voltage
PWM control
Multistage charging technology
Load disconnection depending on SOC
Automatic load reconnection
Temperature compensation
Common positive or negative grounding on one terminal
Integrated data logger / energy meter
Night light and morning light function
Integrated self test
Monthly maintenance charge


Safety Features:


Electronic fuse, protection against overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperaturer
Protection against wrong polarity and short circuit
Extremly low electromagnetic emission

Batterikabel til solcelle regulator

Kabel fra solcelleregulator til batteri

IMPROVE Lithium Batteri 12V 100Ah

  • 100A (1280Wt)
  • Innebygd BMS
  • Kan seriekobles
  • .

200W Solcellepanel PERC

200W sort mono-solcellepanel med ny teknologi som gir høyere ytelse

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